Episode 12: What Does “Christian” Even Mean?

May 12, 2016
There are about 2.2 billion people in the world who consider themselves Christian - almost one-third of the world's population. That's a lot of people who lead very different lives and who hold very different worldviews. So what do we mean when use the word "Christian?"

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Episode 11: Be the Miracle

April 24, 2016

This week, another question about prayer. Actually, a question about one specific part of one specific prayer. In the Lord's Prayer, we pray "give us this day our daily bread" - so why are people still hungry? 


Episode 10: Christian God, Muslim God

April 4, 2016

Christianity and Islam are often depicted as being at odds in media coverage. But both faiths share a common origin. Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?


Episode 9: Parting the Red Sea

March 16, 2016

We take a brief look at one of the great stories of the Old Testament: Moses and the parting of the Red Sea. Was the parting of the Red Sea a real event, and how might it have happened?

(Credits: closing music "Cylinder Six," by Chris Zabriskie)

Episode 8: Pray Without Ceasing

February 28, 2016

This week, we talk about one of the most fundamental activities of spiritual life: prayer. What should we pray for? How should we pray? And, maybe most importantly, why should we pray?

(Credits: photo by Milada Vigerova; closing music "The Sun Is Scheduled To Come Out Tomorrow," by Chris Zabriskie)

Episode 7: It Takes Practice

February 8, 2016

This week is Ash Wednesday, and that means answering the inevitable question that will be floating around: What are you giving up for Lent? 

(Credits: closing music "God Be With You Till We Meet Again," by Chris Zabriskie)

Episode 6: Balancing Science and Faith

January 27, 2016
This week, questions about the tension and balance of science and faith, and whether it's possible to affirm the contributions of science while maintaining a deep sense of spirituality. 
(Credits: closing music "Cylinder Five," by Chris Zabriskie.)

Episode 5: Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

January 18, 2016

This week, a handful of questions all wrestling with the same essential question: how can God allow bad things to happen to good people?


Episode 4: The Virgin Birth

December 23, 2015

In these days before Christmas, a question about Jesus's birth: How was Mary a virgin?


Episode 3: Where Is God?

December 15, 2015

A three-word question. Only ten letters. So simple, and so complex, all at the same time: Where is God?